Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New Shoes!

Look at my gorgey new shoes! {link here}

If I Was...

If I was a month, I'd be September.
If I was a day of the week, I'd be Friday.
If I was a time of day, I'd be dusk.
If I was a planet, I'd be Earth.
If I was a sea animal, I'd be a dolphin.

If I was a direction, I'd be southeast.
If I was a piece of furniture, I'd be a huge comfy bed!
If I was a liquid, I'd be cool with ice cubes!
If I was a gemstone, I'd be a black diamond.
If I was a tree, I'd be an oak.

If I was a tool, I'd be a screwdriver.
If I was a flower, I'd be a tulip.
If I was a kind of weather, I'd be warm and smell of autumn rain.
If I was a musical instrument, I'd be a piano/acoustic guitar hybrid.
If I was an element, I'd be rain.
If I was a car, I'd be a vintage black Cadillac.

If I were a food, I'd be healthy yet tasty.
If I was a place, I'd be a teepee in a rainy park.
If I was a material, I'd be soft suede.
If I was a taste, I'd be sweet.
If I was a scent, I'd be the smell of coconut.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday Wish-List.

Soooo many pretty things I want at the moment - these are just a few!
Clockwise from top left: 1. Spotted dress (Topshop), 2. Panelled dress (Annie Greenabelle @ Topshop), 3. Candy stripe bag (M&S), 4. Striped pumps (Topshop), 5. Red court (Topshop), 6. Red patent clutch (M&S) I think the 3 on the left will look lovely for our night out on Sunday :)


Baby is a bad boy with some retro sneakers - let's go see The Killers and make out in the bleachers.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rain rain go away...

A lovely, rainy, grey day in bonny Scotland. Although saying that I do actually like the rain... just not when my toes are soaked within a minute of my 90min commute to work!
These images are making the rain look quite glamorous don't they? Looooovely :)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesday Happies.

Oooooh I just came across the sweetest website - 
I actually want to order every single bento box! Loving them, I will be keeping this in mind for upcoming birthdays :)
These are just 2 of the boxes available - xxoo and takeout. Go have a looksie.

Also this beyooootiful new hardback version of Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass is being released in the UK in April - very excited, and already placed my pre-order!

Monday, 22 March 2010

2010 Amazing Filmies.

Oh I can't wait for these films to come out this year:
A-Team, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Sex & the City 2, Toy Story 3, Twilight: Eclipse.

Manic Mondays....

Hello cherubs. Another Monday *sigh* but hey ho, only 4 days til the weekend! And what a weekend that will be :) Friday - Laura's home from Oz yippee, and it's payday; bonus! Saturday - birthday party at Hummingbird, Glasgow (oh how lovely), Sunday - an old school Sunday sesh in Falkirk then the Fubar. Monday - a wee day off work. Happy happy days.

On another note, here are a few things that I would love to have today. They are so pretty, delicate and Spring-esque. Yes please!

Also I have recently acquired a vintage typewriter which I am so excited about, so I will be working on a few projects over the next week or so and posting pics... keep your peepers alert! Peace out xoxo

Gilded Bee Giveaway.

Look at this gorge giveaway from Gilded Bee - I love love love it!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sun's Going Down, Glasgow, Scotland. [(c)Jason Hill]

In the sights of an unsleeping eye. Like looking down into the piping of a long barrelled pistol. I knew I was in trouble once I smelled her skin. Like new summer, fresh cut grass. I waited across the street, but in windows view as she mopped the floors, emptied the cash register and locked the back doors. Its raining out and I cant help but wonder how her skin might smell from the rain. Like a wet dog or like raindrops on a tulip. I tell myself a soaked mutt so I will just move on. No chance though. I'm hooked. A poor fish on a hook, wrong place at the wrong time. I'm stuck. The air around her is too thick to move. I'm cookie dough now, and she's the baker. Normally I might be the drain to her faucett but now I'm clogged, filling up, going to flood over the basin and make it even harder to move. Suddenly she pulls her overshirt off, a tan dress with red and black floral patterns underneath. I pretend she does it for me. Time to go. She's off from work. Should I follow? Her eyes caught mine just once. Did it mean something to her too? What to do. If I wait too long I'll ruin my chance. Can't seem timid. Can't seem desperate. But I feel I am. I know it will consume me. Her eyes watching me while I sleep, when I daydream, in every sound I hear I will hear what I think her voice may be. It's raining harder now, the time smoothed cobble stone streets of Glasgow beneath my feet. She seems to float. She's out the door, a grey wool like coat over that dress. Flat red shoes. She looks hurried. Looks toward me for almost a moment, her eyes too shy to meet mine. Almost a smile, her teeth scratch her naked soft lips. I feel my legs moving toward her, but I'm not. The airs too thick to move. I can hear my heart beating, sounds like a kick drum in a small cramped room. Boom boom, boom boom, boom boom. Can't breath deep. Only short pulls of thick air. Too thick to move and she's gone. J.H

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday Chat.

My thoughts of the day so far:
1. Peaches Geldof & Eli Roth - WTF?? I'm no having that!
2. Heat Magazine - STOP calling Katie Price 'Jordan'. Obviously someone in the office is at it with Andre - otherwise why would there be so much love for him. He's a TWAT!
3. I think I may be a little in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Mwah mwah.


Wee listy list of all the books I read until the end of my 1040 days!
(21/100) - I love to read!
Breaking Dawn.
Club Dead.
Dead as a doornail - in progress.
Dead to the World.
Dead Until Dark.
Living Dead in Dallas.
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets.
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire.
Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince.
Harry Potter & the Order of the Pheonix.
Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone.
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban.
My Sister's Keeper.
New Moon.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - in progress.
The Lovely Bones.
The Time Traveller's Wife.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Monday lovelies.

Ooooh 4 lovely things that I would love to have today. Johnny Depp (yes please), a jar of real kisses, a vintage VW van so I can travel about with my life in tow, and a vintage blue typewriter for my designs (and also as it would look fab-u-lous on my antique dresser). All/any of these would make me tres happy :)

Friday, 12 March 2010

Happy Friday!

Friday afternoons make me very happy - it's almost the weekend! Plus it's lovely and sunny today in Glasgow, Spring is most definitely on it's way. Hooray!
4 pretty things about Spring - flowers blooming, macarons, rain showers and gorgeous Luella ruffles. Can I have all of these for the weekend please? :)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland.

Oh my - how wonderful is Alice in Wonderland? Tim, Johnny, Helena et al - you've done yourselves proud. I could watch it again and again. And special mention to the Scottish accents - they were dead on!
'Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.' - Lewis Carroll.

I wanted to share some of my AIW artwork I'm currently working on for a special event - more details to follow soon.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Corey Haim.

RIP Corey Haim - so sad. The Lost Boys is still one of the best films ever made.

Speccy 4-eyes...

I'm starting to really have a notion for boys in glasses - especially thick-rimmed black ones. Geek chic indeed :)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Decadence of DVDs!

OK... pretty sad but I wanted to write down all the DVDs I watch between now and the end of my 1040 days! Oh I love a good film. So far - 70/250... a while to go!

1 3 Men & a Baby 3/5
2 3 Men & a Little Lady 3/5
3 50 First Dates 3.5/5
4 500 Days of Summer 4.5/5
5 Adam 4.5/5
6 Adventureland 3.5/5
7 American Pie: The Wedding 2.5/5
8 Away We Go 4/5
9 Back to the Future 4/5
10 Benny & Joon 4/5
11 Brothers 4.5/5
12 Californication Season 1 4.5/5
13 Californication Season 2 4.5/5
14 Couple's Retreat 2.5/5
15 Cry Baby 4.5/5
16 Dawson's Creek Season 1 3.5/5
17 Dawson's Creek Season 2 4/5
18 Dawson's Creek Season 3 4/5
19 Dear John 4/5
20 Dexter Season 1 3.5/5
21 Dexter Season 2 3.5/5
22 Dexter Season 3 4/5
23 Dexter Season 4 4/5
24 Dirt Season 1 4/5
25 Dorian Gray 3/5
26 Ed Wood 3.5/5
27 Election 4/5
28 Entourage Season 1 4/5
29 Entourage Season 2 4/5
30 Entourage Season 3 4/5
31 Entourage Season 4 4/5
32 Entourage Season 5 4/5
33 Fringe Season 1 3.5/5
34 Hairspray 4/5
35 Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone 3.5/5
36 I Love You Man 4.5/5
37 In The Loop 3/5
38 Jennifer's Body 3.5/5
39 Juno 4.5/5
40 Knocked Up 4/5
41 Legally Blonde 3/5
42 Me & Orson Welles 3/5
43 Mermaids 3.5/5
44 Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist 3/5
45 Paper Heart 2.5/5
46 Pirates of the Caribean 2 3/5
47 Practical Magic 3.5/5
48 Role Models 4.5/5
49 Run Fatboy Run 4/5
50 Slither 1.5/5
51 Sorority Row 1/5
52 Spread 4/5
53 Sunshine Cleaning 3.5/5
54 Teen Wolf 2.5/5
55 The 40 Year Old Virgin 4/5
56 The Big Bang Theory Season 1 4.5/5
57 The Big Bang Theory Season 2 4/5
58 The Devil Wears Prada 3/5
59 The Good Girl 3.5/5
60 The Heartbreak Kid 2/5
61 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 4/5
62 The Incredibles 3.5/5
63 The Lovely Bones 4/5
64 Top Gun 4/5
65 True Blood Season 1 4.5/5
66 True Blood Season 2 4/5
67 Up in the Air 4/5
68 Where the Wild Things Are 3.5/5
69 Zodiac 2.5/5
70 Zombieland 4/5

Monday, 8 March 2010

140 in 1040!

Friday January 11, 2013

1040 days from now...... 140 days to complete!

1. Alphabetise my CDs.
2. Alphabetise my DVDs.
3. Clear out my inbox & keep emails organised. Complete!
4. Clear out my room. Started...
5. Create a home office.
6. Frame all my important photographs.
7. Get rid of 1 thing a day for 3 months. (0/3)
8. Recycle, recycle, recycle!
9. Make my bed every day for a month. (0/31)
10. Redesign my room.
11. Sort out all my photos and put them in albums.
12. Update and back-up my Mac.

13. Ask for more responsibility at work. Twitter feed :)
14. Create a business/life plan.
15. Use coupons to save cashola.
16. Don't buy anything for myself for 1 month.
17. Get a mortgage.
18. Get a pay rise.
19. Hold a presentation on my own.
20. Pay off student loans. Ongoing.
21. Put aside £100/month savings. (0/32).
22. Review my CV.
23. Stick to my monthly budget. I always do!
24. Stop working full-time in an office.

For my lovelies.
25. Buy/make 10 gifts for people, just because. (0/10)
26. Do 5 random acts of kindness. (2/5) CDs sent to Niz. CD sent to Q.
27. Donate 140 items. (0/140)
28. Plan & throw a party for someone.
29. Put together 5 charity shoeboxes. (0/5)
30. Send flowers to someone, just because. Bought for my Gran 26/03/10.
31. Surprise someone.
32. Treat a friend to high tea.
33. Visit my Gran once a week.
34. Visit Laura/Liza/Shaun & Ollie in Oz.
35. Visit Scott's grave & bring him flowers.
36. Volunteer at a charity event.
37. Write 10 handwritten letters. (0/10)
38. Write down my friend & family's birthdays.

Fun things.
39. Build a snowman.
40. Find, buy & play SNES console & games. (0/10)
41. Go ice-skating.
42. Go on a picnic.
43. Go sledging.
44. Go to a play.
45. Go to a theme park.
46. Go to the zoo.
47. Meet & take a photo with someone famous.
48. Start our Come Dine With Me nights... fajitas anyone??
49. Take a walk in the rain.
50. Take photos at a photobooth.
51. Win at Singstar!

Graphic Designies.
52. Be a pro in Photoshop. Getting there!
53. Be a pro in Illustrator.
54. Be a pro in Quark.
Getting there!
55. Create my website.
56. Design new business cards.
57. Frame all my 'happy with' designs. Mad Hatter, Red Queen & White Queen to be done!
58. Get a custom-designed embossing stamp.
59. Have my work published.
60. Learn DreamWeaver.
61. Learn Flash.
62. Sell 5 designs. (0/5)
63. Update my portfolio.

Health & Beauty.
64. Curl my hair with GHDs.
65. Do the splits.
66. Exercise 3 days a week.
67. Get a bike.
68. Manicure & pedicure every week.
69. Get a massage every month.
70. Get healthy!
71. Moisturise all over daily.
72. Perfect smoky eyes.
73. Register with a dentist.
74. Run a mile without stopping.
75. Run a 5k... then a 10k.
76. Take part in a charity walk/run.
77. Take up yoga/pilates.
78. Wear a bikini & feel good in it.

Just for me.
79. 10 things I like about myself. (1/10) I am very loyal.
80. 25 things that make me happy. (9/25) Cuddles. Cups of tea. Gossip. Holidays. Listening to rain. Luella Ruffles. Magazines. Naps. Tunnocks Teacakes. Tulips.
81. Audition for something.
82. Be in front of a lit fireplace.
83. Buy 5 books from my childhood. (1/5) George's Marvelous Medicine. Waiting on Alice in Wonderland HB being re-released from Penguin.
84. Buy 10 pretty dresses. (5/10) Black maxi for hols. Blue floral silk. Blue stripy sundress. Luella-style floral/mesh. Navy silk nautical. Peach polka sundress. White sundress.

85. Buy a new camera.
86. Buy myself flowers 5 times. (0/5)
87. Complete my 'to-watch' list of DVDs. (33/250) See DVD blog.
88. Cook 25 different recipes. (0/25)
89. Discover 10 new (to me) musicians. (4/10) Bishop Allen. Blood Surfers. The Gaslight Anthem. Jace Everett.
90. Discover 50 new blogs. (40/50)
91. Eat at a restaurant by myself. Saturday 20th March 2010 - go me!
92. Enter & win a competition.
93. Get a kiss in the rain.
94. Get my car. (Clio/C1/500/206) (Red/Black) Black 2010 Clio yaaaay.
95. Get that new tattoo... or 3. (0/3)
96. Go to 5 gigs. (0/5)
97. Go to a drive-in movie.
98. Go to the cinema by myself.
99. Have a candlelit dinner by myself.
100. Have an early night for a month. (0/30)
101. Host an Alice in Wonderland party.
102. Keep a dream journal.
103. Keep a journal. Does a blog count?
104. Learn basic first aid.
105. Learn to change a tyre.
106. Learn to love myself for what I am.
107. Learn to see the glass as half-full.
108. Read 5 classic novels. (0/5)
109. Read 100 books. (21/10) See bookworm blog :)
110. Read a book of poetry.
111. Take a photo a day for a month. (0/30)
112. Try 5 new restaurants.
113. Try something I swore I'd never eat.
114. Tweet daily for a month. (31/31) 08/03/10-07/04/10
115. Vote in the election.
116. Watch Star Wars/LOTR/Matrix... well maybe. Added to my Lovefilm list.
117. Watch the sun rise/set 10 times. (0/10)
118. Write a list of 10 things I love about each season. (15/40)
Spring: New Fashion Collections. Rain Showers. Tulips.
Summer: BBQs. Beer Gardens. Ibiza. Light Nights. Rockness. TITP.
Autumn: Colours. New Jacket & Boots. The Smell!
Winter: Holidays. Sledging. Snowmen.

Other Creativities.
119. Adopt a sewing machine.
120. Adopt a vintage typewriter. Bought!
121. Complete 3 DIY projects. (2/3) Wardrobe rail & curtain pole put up by my fair hands! 28/03/10
122. Complete 5 sewing projects. (0/5)
123. Make another kick-ass Halloween costume. Mad Hatter/Eddie Scissorhands.
124. Learn 5 songs on the guitar. (0/5)
125. Take a French class. Downloaded a French tutor app to my iphone...
126. Take a screen-printing class.
127. Take piano lessons. Looking for a teacher (hint hint Joe!)
128. Visit 5 art galleries. (0/5)
129. Visit 5 museums. (0/5)

130. Drive across
Route 66 in a black Cadillac
131. Go on 5 road trips. (0/5)
132. Go to Harry Potter world... Hogwarts here I come!
133. Go to the beach... and get a tan!
134. Live in another city.
135. Ride in a helicopter.
136. Sleep under the stars.
137. Visit a country I've never been to.
138. Visit a wonder of the world.
139. Visit NYC.
140. Visit Paris & Eastern Europe.