Wednesday, 20 October 2010

A-Z of smiles.

A - Alice in Wonderland
C - Cheese.
D - Ducks.
E - Edward Scissorhands.
F - French Fancies.
G - (the) Girls.
H - Happy Feet (the name).
I - I. Love. You.
J - Juno.
K - Kittens.
M - Magazines.
N - New pretty things... shoes, dresses, mittens.
O - Oh My Gosh... Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!
Q - Queen of (Red) Hearts.
R - Red.
S - Seaside.
T - Tulips. White ones.
U - Umbrellas. Dome-shaped clear ones.
V - Vivacity.
W - Walker. Yeh me.
X - Kisses. Mwah xxx
Y - Yazoo (strawberry).
Z - Snoozies. Zzzzz.

Mac Villans... yum!

After a little read on Little Blog of Horrors by Ayden I am DYING for the new Mac Villans product. They're all amaaaayzing! And I want them all... oh freelance wages treats :)

Friday, 1 October 2010

Bernard McMacBook.

I’m back baby! I have finally bought myself a gorgey new MacBook Pro! I’ve wanted one for quite a while now… so the other day I forked out the £1300 for it. Bernard (yes I’ve named him) is a hunk of RAM, bits and other computer stuff I don’t really understand! From now on, my little bloggy-wog will be up-to-date with news, designs and random ramblings – you lucky things you!